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In 2004, CoreSolutions set out with the intent of being a People and Community development Company through every available resources and One-stop-company for every needs starting with Domestic Needs (Plastics) under the umbrella of Shollymame as a company name to Industrial and Community Needs (IT and Empowerment) under the umbrella of Shola’s Net Solutions. Over the time, there has been improvements and thus changes in scopes, activities and name from ShollyMame to SholaJunior LLc to Bulkbreakers Inc to Shola's Net Solutions to CoreSolutions. However, Our intent remain unchanged as we began to apply archived knowledge towards creating a usable, comprehensive suite of tools specifically designed to allow our clients to achieve their highest level of success in care and satisfaction while maintaining a practical business standard for revenue retention.

On January 1st 2017, CoreSolutions birth subsidiaries of CoreSolution Travels, CoreSolutions Learning Centre and CoreSolutions Intelligent Business Solutions acquiring Toes Electric and Daydp and brought them and their clients into the fold (embrace). Daydp has been in business for years rendering professional pictures, world standard video coverage, etc with a custom database for clients. We also hired on their employe that have many years of experience, and he will be helping us maintain and support our programs. We’re excited to start off the New Year with such a positive change, and we want to especially welcome those new clients!

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